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You Could Have a Recession Proof Job!

January 2, 2012 by Glenn Boothe 0 Comments

There are so many reasons you might want a new job.

  • You might have been laid off and have had problems finding a new job in our struggling economy
  • You might be young and fresh on the job market and are having trouble breaking in to a career
  • You might be someone that looks into the future and see their job going away
  • You might need to make more money
  • There are a thousand more...fill in the blank for your particular circumstances

You now have a great opportunity to learn some new skills that will take you very far in today's world.

Sign up for Code Year and learn how to code in a year. Code Year is a collaboration between code academy and Y Combinator, Tech Stars, Hack NY and Girl Develop It.

If you learn to code you will absolutely be able to find a job or find some clients of your own.

Remember - there was a time when thousands of people worked in buggy whip factories. It is crucial that you keep your skills up-to-date to stay relevant in today's job market!