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It is All About Presentation

February 9, 2009 by Justin Parrish 0 Comments

While creating websites for many varieties of businesses in the Charlotte, NC area, we here at Web Station Inc. are often faced with the task of successfully presenting imagery provided by clients to website visitors (potential customers).  Our clients specialize in anything from Pimento Cheese to Industrial Construction with a little bit of everything in between.  However, whether you are attempting to show off a recently completed building in the community or a product shot with your newly designed packaging, the challenge is the same:  To produce a high quality image at a low resolution to display on your website.

Let The Images Say It All!

When the images used in a website are successful, they can actually become the content themselves instead of relying on textual content.  A recent client of Web Station, Traci Zeller Designs, did just that with her new website, www.tracizeller.com.  With minimal information, Traci provides proof of her interior design skills by showcasing her uses of color, space, lighting, furniture, etc. with brilliantly crisp, clear and balanced photographs. Obviously this is more practical for certain clientele than others, but even a company without a tangible product can benefit from strong imagery to accompany their text-dependant, information-based content. In these cases Stock Photography can work nicely as a source for obtaining captivating imagery.

OK, So that’s Great, But I Still Can’t Afford a Professional Photographer!

Just what is the best way to go about doing this? Sure, it isn’t realistic to assume that everyone can afford the cost of hiring a professional photographer, but there are ways to improve the imagery that you might want to include in your online portfolio, gallery, or shopping page. If you want to take your own photos but don’t feel like they are turning out quite right, seek the help of someone that might have some basic knowledge of photgraphy.  Also, use an SLR camera rather than a smaller point-and-shoot and always remember to turn the Camera Display Date off! Chances are, if you can get some decent images to start with, then they can be photoshopped enough to make a substantial difference in the end. 

The image below was not taken by a  professional photographer but was doctored enough to stand out as a nice portfolio piece. 


Because indoor images are significantly harder to achieve, you might want to go that extra mile if you are trying to get quality images of indoor spaces.  Resoucres for professional photographers in the Charlotte area include:

Sean Busher Photography | www.seanbusher.com

Wayne Morris Photgraphy | www.wmphoto.biz

Web Station Inc. can provide help with all of the options mentioned above. If you think one of these services might be right for you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more…