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HARO: Help a Reporter Out

April 18, 2010 by Glenn Boothe 1 Comments

Help a Reporter Out - a great resource for reporters and those looking to showcase their expertise and get some PR out of it. My good friend Lane Ostrow, co-founder of Products for Good, learned about HARO at a PR Summit organized by Steve Harrison. Products for Good is an exceptional company that sells patriotic products and gives away a huge amount of their revenues to military charities.

The challenge for today's press - Put yourself in the shoes of today's reporter, editor or producer. There has always been the need to fill pages and airtime with quality content to keep the visitors coming and the advertising revenue flowing. Today the pressure is higher than ever with the amount of alternative media out there. Online magazines, blogs, podcasts... etc. are changing how and where people get their information. HARO provides a marketplace for the media to search out interesting people and business to showcase in their articles and shows.

Everyone's an Expert at Something - This is HARO's motto and a good thing for us to remind ourselves of from time to time. YOU ARE AN EXPERT - most people don't think about that as they go through the routine of their lives day after day. Start paying attention to HARO and you may soon have your chance to showcase your expertise to the world!

How it works - After you sign up for HARO they will send you a few emails a day outlining the subject matter that reporters are looking for and an email address you can send to to pitch your expertise on that subject.

If you are fortunate enough to get interviewed or showcased through HARO please come back and post a comment. I would love to hear your story!

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Justin Parrish
Belize Justin Parrish said:

Another nice post. I actually signed up for an Account on HARO today. I cant wait to see what kind of queries they send out. Will let you know if anything comes of it. Thanks Again.