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Do you have IRS Problems?

June 20, 2009 by Glenn Boothe 0 Comments

If so then one of our newest clients can help! Yarborough Professional IRS Debt Solutions has been helping businesses and individuals with their tax problems for more than 30 years.

When we first met with David Yarborough he was interested in updating his website and really making it educational for site visitors that might be dealing with IRS debt problems. We knew right away that video was the answer and we decided that some green screen video sessions were in order.

A homepage walkout introducing the firm and its capabilities was first. The next part of the plan was to create a video library of IRS debt problem questions that answers all the questions that David and his father Gerald have heard over the years. We will be adding new videos regularly over the next couple months to make sure that David and Gerald answer all site visitors quesions thoroughly.

We sincerely hope that you never have any problems with the IRS - but if you do - make sure you contact David Yarborough and his team!