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Designing on Sunshine

September 3, 2009 by Glenn Boothe 1 Comments

Our boy JP pulling out of the parking lot for the last time on August 12, 2009. Not for the very last time but it will be a long while before we see this again.


Justin has embarked on the adventure of a lifetime and moved to Belize for a year to live in the jungle with his girlfriend, Brooks. Well it is really on a farm but the farm is basically a small clearing in the jungle. Complete with Howler Monkeys, Tarantulas, Scorpions, Boa Constrictors, etc...

Justin will still be functioning as our full time creative director and has an amazing system setup to work from the remote countryside of Central Belize. Here are the high points.

House (aka Hut or Palapa)

The palapa is two stories and 20' in diameter. As far as huts go this one is pretty badass.

(this picture was taken a couple months ago and is mid-construction)


Justin and Brooks have an amazing solar setup that Innovative Solar helped them with. I am not sure of the exact specs of the system but I know it is plenty to run the satellite and computer setup with no problem and give Justin a couple days of reserve power if the sun forgets to rise for a couple days.


Internet Access

SDN Global is providing our broadband internet access through a satellite connection. Their infrastructure is rock solid and is providing us with a totally dependable data stream that allows us to work at the same capacity as when Justin was sitting in the office with us. They helped us with equipment purchase, configuration and coordinated our install in Belize as well. All Justin had to do was get there! (another adventure that warrants at least 5 blog posts but I will let him do that)

We are excited to be a part of Justin's big adventure and we are especially looking forward to visiting our remote office in Central America!

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Sean Hackett
United States Sean Hackett said:


Glad to see you made it down safe and got it all setup!! Bravo!!