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Client Spotlight: Disti Kleen

January 19, 2014 by Glenn Boothe 0 Comments

Disti Kleen is a global leader in Solvent Recovery, Tank Washing and Color Dispensing. We just love these kind of companies - they offer great products and customer service to companies all over the world. They have a real impact on the global economy and promote environmental stewardship. We are proud to work with them. Here is a small sample of what they offer:

Solvent Recovery

Disti has a wide variety of solvent recovery systems. There many advantages to utlizing a solvent recovery system.

  • There is a huge opportunity to cut costs. Return on investment is almost always less than one year!
  • Go green! Disti recycling systems are the most efficient out there. Not to mention the environmental impacts of buying less solvents annually.
  • Solvent re-use means less used solvent to store and dispose of

Disti offers a great tool to help you determine the ROI in your situation - check out the solvent recovery calculator.

Tank and Tote Washing

Disti has been offering container cleaning solutions for more than 25 years. Offering products in everything from industirial to food service they have you covered.

If you aren't sure if you can utilize a container cleaning solution you can check out the container cleaning questionnaire.

Color Dispensing

Disti is partnered with world leader, InkPaint Maker, to offer the best automated color dispensing systems available. Two products systems are offered: Liquid Products Systems and Offset Product Systems.

Disti offers a color dispensing questionnaire if you  are unsure what solution is right for you.