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We are very lucky at Web Station to work with many clients that give back to the community in a variety of ways and I thought it was appropriate to showcase some of them!     Tikes Time just launched today! Tikes Time is dedicated to helping children organizations and schools operating on extremely tight budgets. They give at least 5% to the organization their customers select, giving their customers the ability to support the children organizations that are focused on their own children and their needs. This company offers parents a great place to purchase all the school supplies, learning materials and toys they are required to purchase while helping their organizations at the same time.  Services Performed: Web Design and Development, e-Commerce Development, Flash Game Design and Development, Print Design, Website and Database Hosting     Gerald T Parks Memorial Foundation was created to honor the memory of a husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and a man who loved his country. He not only loved his country, he served his country for twenty one years and retired as Chief Petty Officer from the Navy. Secondly, the men and women of the United States Military are the best America has to offer. They deserve the best period. This includes the best healthcare possible. Our military has changed dramatically over the course of the past generation, they are in the midst of fighting a modern war and with that comes the need for modern healthcare facilities. The fund has no salaries and very limited administrative expenses. Services Performed: Web Design and Development, Logo Design, Print Work, Website Hosting     Products for Good: This is a for profit company that gives 20% of all revenues (before any bills are paid) to military charities. Products for Good has a goal of raising $20,000,000 to assist charities that support the families of wounded and fallen heroes from the War on Terror. So far Products for Good has been able to raise more than $250,000 and they are constantly adding to the total. Lane and Michael are now regulars on The Big Show and have recently been showcased on The Mike Huckabee Show and are booked for more shows in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted on progress. Services Performed: Web Design and Development, e-Commerce Development, Distributor Portal Development, Print Design, Website and Database Hosting     The Miranda Fund: This one is near and dear to me - this charity was started by some friends of mine in memory of my niece, Miranda Riley Boothe. They are not technically a client since we donate 100% of our time to this project but I couldn't post this article without mentioning it. The fund has no expenses as there are neither salaries nor administrative expenses. All involved are volunteers and the other expenses are absorbed by other businesses owned by the board members. Services Performed: Web Design and Development, Branding, Print Design, Web Hosting I am sure I have left off a good number of very charitable clients and I reserve the right to update this blog post anytime!  

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