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As you can see from the graphic the value is $987 to be least that is what the fine folks at think. I am sure the science behind this is pretty simple based on the number of followers you have with a slight adjustment for the number of posts you have. Of course the real value of a twitter account should be based on the results of your tweeting. I am sure that there are thousands of users with the same number of followers as I have that have never gained a new contact or business opportunity from their efforts. Just as surely there are plenty of tweeples that doubled or tripled their profits via Twitter with only a handful of followers. The power of twitter can really be seen when you post something interesting enough for others to re-tweet. Your audience can grow exponentially if you really strike a nerve with you audience so get out there and see how many RTs you can get! As with anything else in the Web 2.0 space the key is paying attention and getting involved: monitor communications that mention your username and check the direct messages (even though those auto DM's are so annoying!) and answer their questions. If they like your answer you might just end up with another customer!

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All you hear about these days is web 2.0 and it is common knowledge that everyone knows what this is right? I find that most people do not have the first idea what web 2.0 is - even the ones that talk like they do! Here is what Wikipedia says..."Web 2.0" refers to what is perceived as a second generation of web development and web design. It is characterized as facilitating communication, information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. It has led to the development and evolution of web-based communities, hosted services, and web applications. Examples include social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, mashups and folksonomies. Who knows what that means? I have been building websites professionally for 10 years and I think I pretty much get it - although folksonomies is new to me and I will be going to reseach that as soon as this blog post has been finished. :) The most important difference (at least from a marketing standpoint) here is that Web 1.0 was a company building a website that displayed it's products and services in a way that they thought their customers wanted it. Web 2.0 is more of a shift in mindset than a shift in technology. You need to communicate with clients and prospects in a way that helps you build lasting relationships with them. You care what they need and want, you actually ask them for that information and then you provide that for them. Here are a few ideas for people trying to get started in Web 2.0. Start a blog (or start posting on that one you set up a year or two ago and has been sitting there just waiting) and showcase your expertise by regulary posting about your company and industry. The key here is to pay attention to the comments that your blog readers post. Jump in and answer their questions or concerns where applicable. Always remember that critical posts are a way for you to improve your product - don't take it personally! Set up a Facebook account and Facebook fanpage for your business. I have many clients that tell me they are too busy or old to use Facebook. My advice - get over it! Facebook is a business tool as much as it is a way to stay connected with your friends - if you aren't already using it get signed up today. You can check out the Web Station fanpage here. LinkedIn - A business oriented networking tool that is free and easy to use. If you aren't using it get started - you will be amazed how quickly your network can grow. Twitter - Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that has taken the Web 2.0 world by storm this year. You are limited to 140 characters so you will need hone your copywriting skills. Twitter is a great way quickly test products, run promotions, ask questions, etc... to other Tweeples that are interested in your market. If you would like to follow Web Station on twitter you can do it here: Video sites: is the one you always hear about but there are a ton of them out,,,,, etc.... if you have video start leveraging it on these sites - video is only going to get bigger in the coming years. Company Profile Sites:,,,, etc... the list goes on for miles. Utilize these sites to cast your net as wide as possible. Photo Sharing Sites: and are the big ones but there are plenty more if you search. Web 2.0 is huge but this is a good start for beginners. The bottom line: Leverage the free resources offered in our Web 2.0 world and then communicate with the people that find you to find our what it is they really want. Take that information and rule the world!

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I was recently going over some Paul Lemberg F5 material and some well known but often overlooked statistics hit me like a ton of bricks....I knew that selling to existing clients was much cheaper and easier than acquiring a new customer and I talk with clients about this all the time but I didn't realize how drastic the numbers were: The average chance of selling to a new prospect is 1 in 8. The average chance of selling to an inactive clients is 1 in 3. The average chance of selling to an active client is 1 in 2. Now there are a few (and I mean very few) businesses that literally cannot sell to past clients - for instance- if you run a funeral home return business is a tough proposition! If you only offer one product or service then develop another one and market that. There is always opportunity with a complimentary product, service, special attention, etc... Existing clients that are happy with the current service you are providing them will often bump up to a product that is 3 to 5 times more expensive if you can show them the value that comes with the price tag - especially in a business to business environment. The fact is most of your clients have no idea that you even offer any products or services other that what they are currently purchasing from you. Sometimes it is as easy as showing them an example of work that you did for someone else. I once sold a huge amount of print work by just showing a client a catalog that we did that I was particularly proud of. His response, "You do print work?" This was someone that I had been working with for years and as far as he knew my box was web design and development. So the question to ask yourself is what products or services do you have that many of your customers don't know about? If you aren't sure some quick reports out of your accounting software should be able to tell you. Once you identify them make a list of your customers and segment the list so you can market differently to each group depending on their purchase history with you. Send an email blast, host a lunch-and-learn, send out postcards or simply pick up the phone...doesn't really matter what method you use as long as you do it - you will be surprised by the results. As I said before this point is fairly well known but we all need to be reminded from time to time and that is the exact reason I am writing this post, to remind myself!  Have a great Independence Day!

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If so then one of our newest clients can help! Yarborough Professional IRS Debt Solutions has been helping businesses and individuals with their tax problems for more than 30 years.

When we first met with David Yarborough he was interested in updating his website and really making it educational for site visitors that might be dealing with IRS debt problems. We knew right away that video was the answer and we decided that some green screen video sessions were in order. [More]

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1st Place in the Best Use of Image Category!   Traci Zeller - An all Flash website that is truly all about the images! Visitors to Traci's website know instantly what her style is and if she is a good fit for them for Interior Design services. Traci is also an avid blogger and you can read about all her latest works and antique finds. Check out Traci's Blog.   We couldn't have done it without photographer, Wayne Morris - Wayne is a premier photographer in Charlotte that does amazing work in interior and exterior settings.   The competition:,,,,,,,, We Took 2nd Place in the E-Commerce Category!   Tikes Time - Against competition like,,,,,,, and we are extremely happy with a 2nd place finish!

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Two of our recent designs have made the cut in the Readers' Choice Awards. We are honored to be in the running against some of the biggest names in the industry today (,, - just to name a few) and we expect to be in the running the entire way. BEST E-COMMERCE SITE CATEGORY: Tikes Time - An e-Commerce site with a mission of giving back to children's organizations and schools. Everytime you purchase children's products from Tikes Time they will donate a percentage of your total spend to the children's organization of your choice. With over 25,000 SKUs, they have all the children's products you can find at your local retailer or favorite websites and their prices are not inflated to cover the donations. This company takes it on the chin on the bottom line to help the community. We can't think of a more deserving company to win this award!   The competition:,,,,,,,, - WOW...that is serious competition!   Vote for Here! BEST USE OF IMAGES CATEGORY:   Traci Zeller - An all Flash website that is truly all about the images! Visitors to Traci's website know instantly what her style is and if she is a good fit for them for Interior Design services. Traci is also an avid blogger and you can read about all her latest works and antique finds. Check out Traci's Blog.   Photographer: Wayne Morris - Wayne is a premier photographer in Charlotte that does amazing work in interior and exterior settings.   The competition:,,,,,,,,   Vote for Here!   You can vote more than once so vote early and vote often!  

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We are very lucky at Web Station to work with many clients that give back to the community in a variety of ways and I thought it was appropriate to showcase some of them!     Tikes Time just launched today! Tikes Time is dedicated to helping children organizations and schools operating on extremely tight budgets. They give at least 5% to the organization their customers select, giving their customers the ability to support the children organizations that are focused on their own children and their needs. This company offers parents a great place to purchase all the school supplies, learning materials and toys they are required to purchase while helping their organizations at the same time.  Services Performed: Web Design and Development, e-Commerce Development, Flash Game Design and Development, Print Design, Website and Database Hosting     Gerald T Parks Memorial Foundation was created to honor the memory of a husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and a man who loved his country. He not only loved his country, he served his country for twenty one years and retired as Chief Petty Officer from the Navy. Secondly, the men and women of the United States Military are the best America has to offer. They deserve the best period. This includes the best healthcare possible. Our military has changed dramatically over the course of the past generation, they are in the midst of fighting a modern war and with that comes the need for modern healthcare facilities. The fund has no salaries and very limited administrative expenses. Services Performed: Web Design and Development, Logo Design, Print Work, Website Hosting     Products for Good: This is a for profit company that gives 20% of all revenues (before any bills are paid) to military charities. Products for Good has a goal of raising $20,000,000 to assist charities that support the families of wounded and fallen heroes from the War on Terror. So far Products for Good has been able to raise more than $250,000 and they are constantly adding to the total. Lane and Michael are now regulars on The Big Show and have recently been showcased on The Mike Huckabee Show and are booked for more shows in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted on progress. Services Performed: Web Design and Development, e-Commerce Development, Distributor Portal Development, Print Design, Website and Database Hosting     The Miranda Fund: This one is near and dear to me - this charity was started by some friends of mine in memory of my niece, Miranda Riley Boothe. They are not technically a client since we donate 100% of our time to this project but I couldn't post this article without mentioning it. The fund has no expenses as there are neither salaries nor administrative expenses. All involved are volunteers and the other expenses are absorbed by other businesses owned by the board members. Services Performed: Web Design and Development, Branding, Print Design, Web Hosting I am sure I have left off a good number of very charitable clients and I reserve the right to update this blog post anytime!  

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You have probably already seen these little flip video cameras around for a couple years now. This is the new model and amazingly this little cell phone sized gadget shoots 60 minutes of 720p HD video! In fact it is the smallest high definition camcorder on the market today and it is priced at just over $200! Easy to use: The Flip Mino has a built in USB arm and with the press of a button you plug the Mino into a PC or MAC and all the software you need to send your video footage to a client or Grandma is built in. I bought one of these for my wife and I now get 2 or 3 videos a week of my kids doing really cool stuff while I am at work. You only need to see a couple of these to start to realize the power of video and start to understand why it is so quickly changing our internet experience. Customizable: The Flip Mino image in this post is not here becuase of some Photoshop magic. This is an actual camera that we designed for a client (Noltec Southeast) for a really cool promotion they are rolling out to some of their existing clients. I can't let the cat out of the bag yet but suffice it to say that these little cameras are inspiring us to come up with some really cool and different marketing ideas. For more information check out the Flip Mino website. If you are interested in more information on customizing a Flip for your company or want to talk about the cool marketing potential scoot on over to our contact page and let us know.

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Products for Good and The Big Show are doing what they can to help the troops. [More]

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Web Station meets Mugsy Bogues and shoot their first television commercial. [More]